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Orange County Workers Compensation Testimonials From Clients | Workers Compensation Attorney

John P. of Santa Ana

The repetitive motions I did day in and day out at my manufacturing plant job eventually gave me carpal tunnel. That entitled me to workers comp benefits, but my employer tried to block me from filing. I called Orange County Workers Compensation...

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Darlene M. of Irvine

My employer's insurance company at first refused to pay for my on the job accident. Then they tried to pay only a very slim percentage of the medical expenses. I knew this wasn't right, so I called up Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney and...

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Dale D. of Anaheim

I was exposed to benzene in my workplace, which eventually ended up giving me cancer. I was obviously devastated, but then I had trouble getting cooperation on my claim. If it weren't for Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney, I don't know...

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Josh N. of Los Angeles

Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney helped me get the compensation I deserved after my employer quickly fired me and then disputed the timing/place of my injury to try to get out of paying.

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Lucia R. of Santa Ana

As I now know, the process of filing a worker’s compensation claim in California is very complex and there are numerous important deadlines to meet. Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney guided me through the process step by step.

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Wendy S. of Garden Grove

I was badly injured in a car accident while out making deliveries for my employer, but I wasn't driving a company car at the time. Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney made sure I still got my rightful benefits.

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Candice L. of Newport Beach

A workplace slip and fall accident, due to an unsafe work environment, led to my leg and back injury. Unfortunately, it took legal action to secure my claim, but without help from Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney, I would have been...

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Moses S. of Mission Viejo

For some reason, my employer seemed to think because I was an immigrant and a relatively low wage earner, he didn't have to cover my on the job injury with his workman's comp. But thanks to Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney, I got the...

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Bart K. of Long Beach

I kept careful track of all the medical bills and other expenses stemming from my workplace accident. And my employer and the insurance company didn't deny my claim. But they weren't paying what I thought was reasonable compensation either. I...

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