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Finding an Answering Service For Your Workers' Compensation Law Firm

Jun 16, 2021| Posted by developer

The success of your law firm greatly depends on your ability to retain clients after making initial contact and impressing them. Among the different duties you should perform in the office to promote strengthened relationships is upholding excellent customer care services.

Usually, the first impression that a potential client has of your law firm is crucial, as it helps him/her determine the likelihood of partnering with you. As a result, you want to ensure that you give off the best image to attract new people to your firm.

Working as a Workers’ Compensation attorney exposes you to many potential clients, as cases of unfair compensation are on the rise. Hence, you want to incorporate the most efficient systems that will help your firm reach as many clients as possible in the shortest time. On top of this, the systems should include a professional interaction method.

With a specific approach to call-answering, the clients provide accurate information that you can use when developing case arguments to their benefit. As a result, you will have to restructure your workplace systems to make room for a different addition, especially if you are interested in expanding your legal practice.

Working with a call answering service equips you with all the necessary tools for your law firm’s development, thanks to the efficiency it brings. With the help of the live receptionists assigned to your Workers’ Compensation law firm, you get to enjoy the benefits of eased communication with your clients and business partners.

Over time, you will also notice an improvement in the business model you have adopted, leading to increased profits and long-lasting partnerships. The main advantages of working with a call answering service in your firm include:

Your Firm Upholds a Professional Image

As discussed, maintaining an attractive professional image for your Worker’s Compensation law firm is vital to business growth. Therefore, you will have to prioritize incorporating call answering services to help your employees in managing daily communication operations.

Commonly, a worker's compensation law firm handles numerous different cases that involve aggrieved clients who require speedy actions. Hence, when a client calls your firm, he/she has several expectations regarding the type of services you offer.

Among the different factors that a client observes includes standard phone etiquette, where the receiver should interact with the required courtesy. However, your employees cannot always interact amicably with your callers based on several external factors.

Therefore, you want to include a call answering service with proven reviews of exceptional service delivery. In doing so, you will be confident that any clients contacting your firm will receive efficient services from professionals. One of the main activities that your live receptionists perform includes making first-time callers feel welcomed.

Normally, the communication techniques that a call answering service agent uses aim at making a client feel valued and that his/her grievances are a priority. The well-trained receptionist understands the importance of each statement he/she makes, as it gives a direct impact. Subsequently, you can worry less about the type of the first impression that your clients receive after calling, as the live receptionists will handle each caller's matter accordingly.

The Firm has Access to Recorded Calls

When you need a back-up of information that a client gave during a call, you will appreciate the call-recording features that you access through an answering service. During the call, the live receptionist will inform the caller of the ongoing recording, to create room for caution as the client provides details on the compensation case. Additionally, the live agent can assure the caller of the high privacy standards that your firm upholds for a transparent interaction.

You may decide whether to store the recorded files in the office, or on a cloud-based system for deletion after a specific time-lapse. Regardless of your decision, the call answering service will facilitate your access to the call records, and respect the attorney-client privileges that must not face any alterations.

Compared to expensive call recording machines that you would otherwise have to install, an answering service helps you save significantly. Therefore, you can enjoy higher profits and reach more clients, thanks to the efficiency you portray upon retrieving accurate details from call recordings.

You Can Provide Scripts to Guide the Live Receptionists

Sometimes, you may hesitate to incorporate the services of a call answering company from the worry that agents are not conversant with legal matters. As a result, you may miss out on the chance to grow your Worker's Compensation law firm as your office systems will continue to strain operations for a long time.

However, it is important to note that you can provide scripts to the live agents as guiding documents when dealing with clients. This way, you will have more peace of mind by knowing that your clients receive accurate information as you would provide it yourself.

Moreover, the scripts also help the agents remain on the subject matter to avoid digressions that could make the client question the credibility of the information.

Once the live agents begin to use the scripts when dealing with specific issues, your clients will receive well-prepared details that reduce the need to consult you directly.

Additionally, the live receptionist follows the scripted guidelines, he/she will use the skills obtained during training to ensure that the client does not sense monotony. The minor detail creates a significant impact in the long run, as a satisfied client is more likely to recommend your services to another person. Thanks to the accurate information that live receptionists provide after following the script, your law firm’s reputation will improve and create expansion opportunities.

Clients can Access Legal Assistance for Twenty-Four Hours

In the modern business field, you will have to adapt to a more accessible work schedule to stay ahead of your competition. Most Worker's Compensation law firms have definite working hours, meaning that clients can only access services for a limited period per day.

With a call answering service handling your clients’ and partners' calls, you will set yourself above other competitors in the field by providing a reliable call response system. Not only does the twenty-four service help in managing late calls but also in keeping your firm open during the holidays. Doubtless, most businesses will close during specific holidays, meaning that any caller in need will have to wait until the resumption of business operations.

Therefore, the twenty-four-hour hour shifts should cover different holidays and weekends for the best experience. When you begin your partnership with the service provider, you will have a chance to elaborate on the exact work schedule you prefer to include.

Usually, a client will feel more valued upon interacting with a live agent at any calling time, especially late at night. Hence, with the available twenty-four-hour services, an aggrieved worker can seek legal remedies from a live agent before you take on the issue and provide additional guidance.

The Firm Can Access Call Dispatching Services

A call dispatch response team is also a necessary call response system to include in your law firm for various reasons. Firstly, your duties as a lawyer may require you to work outside your firm office on most days, as you attend court proceedings and dispositions. Moreover, you are likely to have numerous client meetings that demand your attention for a productive session.

During the active hours outside the office, a live receptionist can dispatch a client’s call to your phone for direct interactions. Most scenarios that lead to calling dispatches involve urgent inquiries that are pivotal to the progress of a case. Additionally, you may receive a call dispatch as a reminder to authorize specific transactions as soon as possible. The live receptionists highlight the client’s message in a brief format when contacting you, as it transfers the information easily.

The call forwarding also works similarly for your employees in the office, especially when one person holds information about a particular case. Also, the live agent may contact the employee directly to seek clarification on a specific issue, instead of delaying a caller’s inquiry until you are accessible. When the agent retrieves the required information, efficiency is upheld, and your clients will be satisfied.

Your Employees Operate on Minimum Distractions

While handling multiple clients is a sign of growth in your firm, the inbound calls may get overwhelming from the distractions. For example, if your firm has fewer employees to manage the calls, you may find yourself having to interrupt meetings with your clients to cancel the call or forward it to voicemail.

On the other hand, the callers may experience multiple missed calls based on the busy office environment that leaves you to choose between serving callers and clients in in-person meetings. To reduce the number of inbound calls your office receives, you can work with a call answering service.

Often, the live receptionists will require minimal assistance with handling frequently asked questions and giving details on your firm's location and office hours. With the management of callers making inquiries, your employees get to apply better focus and only receive urgent calls that require specific analysis and assistance.

On the other hand, your clients will be satisfied with the reliable call response team that provides information in a cheerful and welcoming tone at all times. Eventually, you will notice an increase in the call volume, meaning that your clientele will be higher.

Bilingual Call Answering Services are Accessible

Since your services are accessible to people from all over the country, you should also include bilingual call answering services to ensure that all your clients are well taken care of, regardless of their language preference.

The United States records Spanish as the second most-used language after English, meaning that you are likely to interact with Spanish-speaking natives frequently. When the caller faces several challenges when expressing himself/herself in English, the receptionist may miss important details concerning the worker’s compensation case. As a result, the client will not receive the necessary assistance.

The help of a live receptionist who understands both languages expands your law firm’s coverage to other potential clients who prefer Spanish to English when expressing themselves. Since the live receptionist will capture the details as the caller outlines them in Spanish, he/she will also need to translate the information to English before forwarding it to your office. You or your employees can then begin to process the compensation case and decide on whether to proceed to court.

Eventually, you also notice a significant rise in the number of clients you work with, indicating an improvement in general service delivery. Moreover, your clients will appreciate the initiative to facilitate easier communication by including bilingual answering agents. From the positive experience, your firm’s reputation remains positive and will attract more people to work with you.

Your Firm Gains Competitive Advantage

Since numerous firms provide legal services to clients seeking worker’s compensation, you will have to be innovative and provide bonus features in your office. Doing this helps to distinguish you from the general market, creating a competitive advantage that attracts more potential clients.

Generally, the advantage comes from the various services that the answering company provides after forming a partnership. For example, a client is likely to work with you if he/she can use a different language to operate on a compensatory case. Similarly, a caller who interacts with a live receptionist despite making a late call feels more valued compared to leaving a voicemail.

While it may take some time to notice the increased number of clients you attract, you will eventually observe the benefits through the increased call volume, higher income, and better client rankings. Overall, the answering service will play a great role in expanding your Worker’s Compensation law firm while improving your office operations.

The Final Take

When practicing as a Worker's Compensation attorney, your law firm will handle matters from multiple clients at a time. As a result, you will receive constant calls from aggrieved clients who are anxious about the case’s progress.

Upon including a call answering service in daily office operations, you will enjoy different advantages that improve workplace efficiency and maintain high standards of professional customer care. With time, you will enjoy the long term benefits of the service for the continued growth of your Worker's Compensation law firm.


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