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On-the-job Vehicle Injuries

Sometimes, people ask whether an auto accident injury or fatality can be covered by California workers compensation benefits. The answer is, yes, if it occurred while an employee was on the job site, driving a company vehicle, or driving his/her own vehicle to do a work-related task.

However, you cannot be covered by workers comp for auto accidents that occurred simply driving your private vehicle to/from work. Nor are you covered if it is shown you were committing DUI or some other crime while driving a vehicle even for work purposes.

But both personal injury and property damage is covered if it falls within the scope of an "on-the-job injury." And you likely can't be personally held liable for injuries and property damage caused to others by the accident in that case, even if it was your fault - if the accident occurred while performing work duties (though this can vary based on a number of factors.)


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