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Workers' Comp

When you are injured in any number of ways while on the job, whether or not that means at the physical workplace of your employer, you are entitled to file for California workers compensation benefits off of your employers' (mandatory) workers comp insurance.

However, unless you file within specified deadlines, submit the proper paperwork in the right order, inform your physician that the injury he/she is treating is work-related, and take other crucial steps, you could lose your benefits, get a reduced benefit, or at least experience a major delay in receiving your workers comp benefits.

At Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney, we can guide you through the process of filing and pursuing your claim step by step.

You will need, for example, to file a DWC-1 workers comp claim form with basic information about who you are, what type of injury occurred, and where it occurred. You will then need to file a WCAB-1 Form for adjudication of your claim, which will require information on your employer’s insurer. (Information on your employer’s insurance company can be had from your employer or from the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau.)

And you'll also need to submit a Declaration form in which you swear you never asked any medical worker or institution to submit fraud information relevant to your injury.

If your employers' insurer ignores or denies your claim, you will have only a year to respond and fight back. If they provide some benefits at least for your claim, you have up to 5 years to complete your filing. If you are collecting workers comp benefits for a deceased spouse/relative who died in an on the job accident, you have up to a year from the date of death to file your full paperwork.

There are many potential legal twists and turns that could pop up in a worker’s comp claim process, and it is not advisable to try to simply file your claim without help from an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process and help ensure your claim is both approved and maximized.

At Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney, we can handle any and all types of California workers comp and other on the job injuries for which you are pursuing compensation. We have helped many others in Orange County and throughout Southern California secure their rightful workers com benefits in the past, and we stand ready to do the same for you!


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